Floor coatings

Floor Coatings

floor coatings

floor coatings are: acrylic, metallic, epoxy, urethane, polyaspartic, concrete sealer, UV, stain and chemical resistant, paint chips and decorative, each one of the flooring systems above it provides different way of protection against high traffic, dust, chemicals and daily abuse of concrete surfaces in industrial, commercial warehouse buildings, residential garage floors, to make the right cost-effective choice and get the most benefit out of concrete floor coatings you need to consult professional flooring installation company.

Many floor coating kits enable a lot of auto shop garage owners to paint their garage floor by themselves, many problems can still occur if correct preparation doesn’t take place.

Old and flaky floor coating is a common feature that usually occurs due to the lack of surface preparation.

Therefore, it is important for the installer of the any floor painting product to not only understand what the best floor paint to use on the garage or factory floor is, but also the importance of correct surface preparation.

floor coatings

concrete floor coating failure


Concrete surface preparation prior to floor coatings

Concrete surfaces are prepared before laying down a floor coating not only for superficial reasons but also for mechanical reasons.

Construction work requires surface preparation prior to installing Epoxy Floor Coating in industrial and commercial applications in order to create long-lasting hold and durability.

The texture of the existing concrete is an important consideration when laying down epoxy flooring or self-leveling polyurethane resurfacing materials.

Many industrial, commercial building owners find that their concrete floor suffer from worn and pitted surface with only half of the original floor paint left due to peeling.

As many warehouse owners know, there are difficulties with getting floor paint to adhere to concrete surfaces in this environment, that is why the right surface preparation is very important before installing any type of sika floor coatings.

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